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RBTF History
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Our history and our visions are long, writing the timeline is time consuming, but with time more and more articles appear until the beginning of the vision and history of the RBTF where it all started!

01. March 2022
RBTF History
Projekt RBTF Foundation becomes True!

With the start of the war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the RBTF decided to create its own emergency medical aid network with a crisis team and a response force due to this dramatic event

20. February 2022
RBTF History
A History in Germany ends!

on 20 February 2022, the sole proprietorship RBTF in Munich was officially deregistered and replaced by RBTF OÜ in Estonia.

A big step into a great digital future ....

09. Feburary 2022
RBTF History
Project RBTF-Consulting gets its 20th Direct Partner!

On 09.02.2022 the time had finally come, the Project Consulting of the RBTF concluded the cooperation with the 20th Direct Partner Motorola Solutions

19. August 2021
RBTF History
The Royal Blue Task Force (RBTF) OÜ was foundet in Estonia!

Finally, RBTF has been established as a private limited company and has been listed in the Estonian Commercial Register since 19 August 2021

16. August 2021
RBTF History
The Royal Blue Task Force would be foundet

The process of formation was started. On 16 August 2021, an official application for the establishment of the Royal Blue Task Force (RBTF) was filed with the Estonian Trade Register

August 2019
RBTF History
A Vision was reborn!

A New Idea, a new concep was foundet, a new Vision was beginning...

The RBTF was founded as a sole proprietorship as a sideline business in Munich!

In The End of 2017
RBTF History
A Vision was destroyed ...

The Idea of Company was going on, but there was a problem "MONEY AND TIME". The Vision a vision threatened to fail ...            


01. February 2017
RBTF History
A Vision to found a Compnay far far away ...

A Long time ago 2017 the vision to found a company was born ....  A Vision to build a new future was born ...                                       The brandname of the vision was born ....                                            

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