Royal Blue Task Force (RBTF) OÜ - A Private Limited Company

It´s time for Change!

We look with great respect at Ukraine’s strength, willpower and perseverance. We are against war and destruction and strongly condemn the Russian war and are 100% behind Ukraine !


A New Part of the RBTF build on long time experience!

In the IT landscape as well as in the physical world we create security, why not offer this as consulting? This is exactly what we offer to you since 2022



We create IT solutions from the cloud for business customers with strong partners and brands at our side, focusing on cyber security and public safety

RBTF - Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Service and first Aid for Events

To be able to create the perfect security in the digital world, we also create it in the physical world in the Emeregency Medical services behind the scenes at events

What role does the RBTF play in this?


Innovative strategies

RBTF is a start-up company that has made it its mission to positively change and shape the world. Thus, our first approach is to focus on digitalisation in order to simplify and streamline processes.  

But RBTF is much more than this. We pursue various ambitious goals, which you can read about here:


Equity and equal treatment

Justice and equality is far from being a given in our world. When it comes to becoming or being rich, corporations, but also people like you and me, break laws to achieve this. This must not be and must be changed, also in the world of work people deserve equal treatment.


Environmental Protection Medical Rescue and Global Defense MTÜ

We as humans are destroying our environment more and more. Be it through false progress, poverty, injustice or war. This has fatal consequences for people who are injured or animals who have to die, or our environment which suffers as a result. This must stop. The RBTF has set itself the goal of creating change and finding solutions to these problems, read more on our project page or directly on the page of the RBTF – NGO of enviromental Protection and global Defense MTÜ

Who are we?

We are progress and change

We are a start-up that creates change

RBTF is a start-up company that began in 2017 with its vision and its interesting ideas and approaches. In 2019, Royal Blue Task Force started as a side business and today, with its main project, RBTF Consulting, it is one of the first companies on the market that aims for global change in the field of digitalisation. Since 19.08.2021 we are a Private Limited Company or as it is called in Estonia, an Osahüing, comparable to a GmbH in Germany.

We have chosen Estonia as our company headquarters because it is 99.99% digital and offers significant advantages over a GmbH in Germany

Our partners who support us

Support us in our vision!

Join Our Partnernetwork!

Together with you as a partner at our side, we can create change and change the world a little more. You don’t really know yet? Don’t worry, just take a look at our Partner Network page and find out!

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